Kalash Global Logistics was founded in India as a company focusing on logistics, warehousing and consulting. As a logistics-oriented startup, the core of our business is to move the materials and commodity from where they are abundant to where they are most needed. But from day one, we have been determined to be a different breed of a service provider, always aiming to make a difference for our clients and business partners.


Umang Thakker

(Managing Director)

Najeeb Kadri

(Executive Director)

Why Us

  • We become your business partner: We get involved with our client’s shipment right from the day one and treat their commitments as our own. We become more than a company, more than just a team, we become a family.
  • Safe, reliable and speedy: Is our basic principle and motto, we work on these guidelines.
  • Past proven records: With years of experience of Management Team, we ensure quality service and support 24/7 coverage
  • Globally connected: KGL is internationally connected with strong agency network. You point the finger at the globe and we are there!
  • Flexibility, efficiency, and performance: We are flexible to adjust ourselves to meet the demands of our clients.
  • Dynamism: The world grows faster and the dynamics of shipping and logistics need grows at its pace, we march our foot-steps to meet the ever changes and challenges that drive our organization to the mutual journey of growth and success.